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Time. And Money. They're the first two things you'll save.

When a job is done right from the start with R.A. Morton, you save time, money and especially headaches. We share your goals of minimizing costs and fitting your time frame. And we can prove it.

R.A. Morton bids each project to the lowest qualified bidder that is best suited for your project. We assign bid sections based on local contractors’ capabilities. We confirm all specified details of your project and team with every party involved, confirming even the smallest details.

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100 percent

Other construction management firms are involved in contracting and other services. R.A. Morton does 100 percent construction management, focusing on:

  • Guidance from concept through completion
  • Collaboration with you, contractors and others with a vested interest in the project
  • Trust and integrity to represent your best interests
  • Flexibility through our proven GO™ process
  • Experience and accountability with more than 30 years of experience
  • Updated building codes and regulations
  • Continual on-site presence for each project